Are you an elementary OS user?  If you don't know what it is please read the info at the "What is elementary" tab.  If you like the supriourity of linux systems but you are holding back cause of the potential learning curve, the product I offer on this site will open a new digital world for you. In my free time I developed a tool that allows you to unattended install a complete desktop installation with all the software you would ever wish on a linux elementary OS system! Simply follow the manual and sit back and enjoy. You are welcome to use it without charge. 

leeuwtje's elementary-postinstall script


Just click the download button. After the download has finished unpack the zip file with elementary's archive manager and  follow the instructions by reading the .pdf file at the 'instructions' tab.    The manual starts at level of a standard installation.

Recommended: Click the zipped bundle below to download the complete set of the installation package .deb file, instructions and pictures. 


After using my script you will find that installing and using a Linux system could never be easier. It gives you the superiority and security of a Linux system with a high user comfort. Consider a donation when you are satisfied. I use a lot of free time for testing and improving the code. And don't forget the costs for maintaining the site.:)





important Message:

Do not attempt to install the tool on eos "Juno" Beta version. That version is still in development and should not be updated by the tool.

elementary-postinstall script


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In this file you'll find instructions to install elementary OS and afterwards use my script to setup you desired elementary-os user desktop automatically. Imagine it! A tool installing your system automatically by downloading all required software from the internet en install it for you. No cd-roms, payed licenses, no unwanted software during dirty installation wizards, etc. and most important no malware. Basically you only need to locate the file you downloaded at your fresh installed E-OS system, unzip it and run the tool. The .pdf file left will instruct you how to do that.

Warning! When you install a new OS on a pc, always create a safety backup of all data on it first! I don't take responsibility for any data loss! Thanks for your understanding.

Check out these pics to see the menu options:

Since micro$oft introduced windows 8 and it's successors, most people including me feel by using it that a mobile phone OS is installed on their computer . Let's be honest. It's crap! Not only for the poor user interface called metro and in windows 10 that poor alternative for the 'start-button'  what we liked to control our system with. There is a more logical reason, a technical point of view. Micro$oft OS'ses from version 8 on and higher are designed to lack and ignore your privacy as far as possible. Whatever you do, you never know what Micro$oft (and Apple ....)  can do to your system and data by using developed integrated backdoors and other methods to take over the control from their customer, or you the enduser. Many tecnnical enthousiasts try to find methods and Frankstein kind of hack solutions in hopeless attempts to stop Micros$oft to spy on them. I have a better solution! Stop using it. Try linux elementary os and my tool. If you have no experience yet with linux or installing an os, try it out on an old system you have laying around to be sure.

Why would I need elementary os?


Updates history:

7 juli 2018         : version 1.2  Modification for Bitdefender en Spotify routines.

8 juli 2018        : New executable compiled for x86 Freya sytems.

18 august 2018: Update to version 1.5 Improvement for the restory repository and GPG function after finishing the program.

18 august 2018: Several updates for software installation handling. Send me a bug report if you find one :)

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Officially I can't offer a full operating helpdesk option in the process, since this is a one man's project at the moment. However, it doesn't mean I will answer not any questions, you might have.                            Specially if you offer me a donation!


At the right, your elementary-postinstall coder!